OOTW: Jeans jacket x fishnets

Aah and there is the Spring! I can’t wait summer, but finally weather is good, so I can wear less! So today’s outfit is – fishnet tights, loose denim jacket and new sneakers from Altercore! Perfect set for the weather like today!

A few words about the outfit

I decided to wear something comfortable. Firstly – this outfit is great to walk, riding a bike, go to school, work or to shopping centre! Moreover it’s warm – thick hoodie and denim jacket, and when it’ll get warmer – I can take off something!

jeans jacket look

Denim jacket

I was looking for a jacket like this a very long time! I want it to be loose and specific shade of blue. And I found it at Bershka on sale! It’s for men so that’s why it is perfect. It could be a little bit smaller (because it’s size L), but I love it tho. I bought it for about 15$ so it was very cheap.

denim jacket grunge outfit

Long hoodie

I bought this hoodie at Bershka also, but not on the sale and at female section. I paid about 15$ also. It’s ideal, because I was looking for hoodie or sweatshirt to wear it as a dress… And I found it! It looks perfect, isn’t it?

pomysły na sesje w Warszawie

New Altercore sneakers

As you probably know – I love Altercore’s shoes! I want to have it all… so I’m collecting 😀 I got these platform sneakers from their new collection. They are very comfortable, the size fits perfect and match everything! You can buy it here.

pomadka golden rose matte

creepersy trampki altercore


Fishnet tights, boho bag and beanie gives the look the grunge style. I bought beanie some time ago, such as this eye-patch so I decided to put it all together and I made this hat 🙂 I reminds me clothes from NY brand Mishka, but I don’t know if they still exist. Any ideas?

torebka worek z frędzlami

sesja fotograficzna w Warszawie

beanie mishka eyeball

outfit grunge polish girl

Photos by: Mikołaj Czaja Czajkowski

Jacket – Bershka | Hoodie – Bershka | Boots – Altercore | Tights – Gatta | Hat – DIY | Necklace – Aliexpress | Bag – New Look

As always… Sorry for my English! I hope you understood my! I’m not perfect at grammar so I’ll be happy if you’ll correct my mistakes in comments 😉

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  1. Zostań moją siostrą, Olu – kurde, gdybym znowu miała dwadzieścia lat to nosiłabym się tak codziennie ;P

    Jesteś chyba najlepszą spośród polskich blogerek parających się modą alternatywną.
    No dobra – jeszcze Carolyn Dolly.
    Ale stawiam Was na równi.

    Obie jesteście tak samo inspirujące!

  2. bardzo oryginalna stylizacja 😉 kurtka świetna i gdybyś nie napisała, że to rozmiar L, myślałabym, że to taki krój po prostu 😉
    prezentujesz się super! a jeśli chodzi o włosy- do twarzy jest Ci w tym różu 🙂

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