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Elegance and casual is combination of today’s outfit. Blouse is from store with smart clothes, but It perfectly makes gothic and dark style, which is great to wear at the Gala, dinner or even for a walk throught the Old Town.

I do not know if you noticed that my outfits on the blog are alternately – smart and youth. Which is fine, because everyone will find something for themeselves. It also means that I love comfort and classic outfits, but sometimes I need to wear something nice and sexy. I love the both styles but I always want to stay in one, rock or gothic style. And this time I succesed – exclusive clothes, but you can feel the rock n’roll 🙂Outfit czerwona torebkaKapelusz HouseDo czego nosić czerwoną torebkę?


Frills were one of the hottest trends of 2016. But now – wide sleeves with frilled finish will win fashionista’s hearts!

Blouse from L’attore it’s from the previous summer collection, It’s made of eco-leather and finished with frills, which has red material inside. That’s why I decided to take with me the red bag.

Bluzka z falbanamiStylish fashion smart outfit

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Photos b: Mikołaj Czaja Czajkowski

Blouse – L’attore | Pants – J.Crew | Choker – Zaful | Hat – House | Bag – VERSACE 19.69 | Boots – New Look | Sunglasses – Sinsay

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  1. Bluzka i buty!
    Te dwie rzeczy rzucają się tu w oczy w pierwszej kolejności, świetnie że zestawiłaś je ze sobą!

    Podoba mi się Twoje pojmowanie elegancji, dalekie jest od garsonkowej nudy, której nie trawię 😉

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