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Do You have a problem with straightening Your hair? 30 minutes after going out your hair are wavy again or worse – they are curly and You look like you’ve never even brush Your hair  😩 None of the cosmetics – hair sprays, headwear won’t prevent this. I know that! But I found perfect gadget on the one of Chinese wholesale stores online!

Travel straightener is a great solution in my opinion! It is very small (less than 8 inches!) and it will fit into the bag, and even into your cosmetics bag! It’s pretty light, looks nice and it’s perfect to take it with yourself to a party!



I had mini-straightener some time ago. I got it for my birthday but I lost it – probably I lost it at my senior prom – you see? I’ve taken this hair straightener to a party! Straightener I had was a little bit better if we’re talking about quality. But It didn’t have a switch. This new one I ordered on Gamiss. And I must admit, that this device works! I won’t straight me hair at all, but I can fix my hair a little bit, straightening small parts of my hair. 

Warming up

Surprisingly, the straightener warmed up in about 30 seconds! It’s pretty fast! When it works, we can see a small red diod, next to the switch.


  • Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic
  • Heating plate size: 7 x 1.7cm
  • European plug
  • Length: 1.30 meters
  • Maximum Temperature: 190℃


It is smaller than 8 inches. I compared it with the classical hair straightener:

My opinion


  • low quality case
  • small heating plate size
  • no instruction included
  • small size
  • nice design
  • switch with diode
  • fast warming-up time


Where to get it?

I ordered mine on – >> BUY IT HERE <<

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